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Wheel Throwing Workshop
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Date: December 28, 3:00 pm

Upcoming Events
Friday, Dec 28
  3:00pm Wheel Throwing Workshop
  7:00pm-10:00pm Warren Miller's Face of Winter
Saturday, Dec 29
  5:00pm ArtWalk
Sunday, Dec 30
  11:00am Sunday Sip & Stitch
Tuesday, Jan 1
  3:00pm Artist Reception
Wednesday, Jan 2
  7:00pm The Dawn Wall Center for the Arts, 606 6th Street
Thursday, Jan 3
  4:45pm Watercolor & Wine
  8:00pm Circles Around the Sun
Friday, Jan 4
  3:00pm Wheel Throwing Workshop
Monday, Jan 7
   Move the Butte
Wednesday, Jan 9
  5:30pm Indian Cuisine
Thursday, Jan 10
  5:30pm Mud Wrestling
Friday, Jan 11
  3:00pm Wheel Throwing Workshop
  7:00pm Friends with Films Crested Butte Center for the Arts; 606 6th Street, Crested Butte, CO 81224
Saturday, Jan 12
  1:00pm The Art of Storytelling w/ Matthew Taylor Workshop
  8:00pm Shane Smith & The Saints
Sunday, Jan 13
  2:00pm Homebrewing
Monday, Jan 14
   High School Band Performance
  3:45pm Art for Ages 11 - 14
  5:30pm Craft Your Bio & Photo
Tuesday, Jan 15
  5:30pm Creativity and Cocktails
Thursday, Jan 17
  5:30pm Stone Soup - Improvisational Cooking
  7:00pm Juliet Naked
Friday, Jan 18
  3:00pm Wheel Throwing Workshop
Saturday, Jan 19
  5:00pm ArtWalk
  7:00pm "CB Premier of TGR's Ode to Muir
Sunday, Jan 20
  9:00am Creative Writing Taster Series
  3:00pm Paint Your Own Pottery
Monday, Jan 21
  5:30pm Craft Your Bio & Photo
Tuesday, Jan 22
  8:00pm Sam Bush
Thursday, Jan 24
  5:30pm Whisk(e)y School
Friday, Jan 25
  3:00pm Wheel Throwing Workshop
Saturday, Jan 26
  9:00am Watercolor Painting with Energy & Freedom
Sunday, Jan 27
  2:00pm Homebrewing