The Art + Science of Winemaking Series

Learn from a winemaker! Joe Buckel of Buckel Family Wines, located right here in the Gunnison Valley, swirls through the technicalities of winemaking including both the art and the science of the fermented grape. While sommeliers can teach you how to taste a wine, a winemaker can show you how they create that taste. Wow your friends at your next dinner party with your new knowledge and gain a greater appreciation for wine’s flavor and the winemaking process. Price includes light hors d’oeuvres and wine tasting. Series Location: Buckel Family Wine Tasting Room, 1018 Highway 135, Unit B, Gunnison.
Instructor: Buckel Family Wines Owner + Winemaker Joe Buckel
Cost: $40 per class

3 - 5 pm 

Did you know that most wines are actually a blend of several different wines? A huge part of a winemaker’s skill is his or her ability to combine the right varietals to create a balanced wine in the final blend, called a cuvée. In this hands-on class, learn to use your senses to barrel taste and blend a wine at the Buckel Family Wine Tasting Room. Blending is truly the art of winemaking, where color, smell and taste come together to make a delicious wine.

Get out your beakers and don your protective eyewear! In this fun and interactive class at the Buckel Family Wine Tasting Room, learn the basic science behind the winemaking process, from testing grapes, juice and wine, to fermentation, equipment and corking – all while holding a glass of wine in your hand.