Tableau of Landscape Humane

Tableau of Landscape HumaneMonday August 27 – Sept 10

The consciousness of our incredible connection to the world is a central theme in Zach Bauer’s art. He likes to bring people closer to each fleeting moment that resides in every minute of life. His paintings mainly feature human figures interacting with enticing landscapes and wildlife.  He uses watercolors and pen and ink to portray his ideas.  These mediums allow for creation at the speed of inspiration. 
Zach Bauer was born and raised on the Front Range.  He matriculated and earned a B.F.A. at Western State Colorado University, graduating in 2009.  Since then living in and being inspired by the mountains has become a major tenet in his life.  The setting one lives in is normally part of one’s inspiration, and he is rarely without a sketchbook on his adventures in the mountains. A classical Art education fused with the deluge of marketing and social media gives him much of his inspiration.  Influences like Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher and countless others help form his artistic consciousness and help him conceptualize ideas.  His art aims to highlight the unity humans can feel within the world. Surreal impressions and inclinations become subjects within each work. The beauty of human form and the landscapes we seek become the tableau for viewers imaginations.  Zach is on social media on Instagram as @bauerzart, and posts finished works and works in progress.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 4. 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Free