Stephanie Lane Stephenson shows colorfully painted and wood burned picture frames and layered paper mountain scene art, along with dreamcatchers. Opening Reception: TBD. Free.

Stephanie Lane Stephenson is a wife, mother of three young children, artist, singer/songwriter, lover of yoga and the outdoors living in Crested Butte, CO. She was born into an artistic minded family in 1979 and was raised in Colorado. Although she has not had a formal art education, she has been drawing, painting, and creating since her early teens. The ever flowing creative current inside this girl has her shifting from one idea to the next with not enough hours in each day to produce, parent, work, eat and sleep… and do yoga. Stephanie’s authentic approach in all styles of her artwork, is based out of love, gratitude, giving and keeping a positive perspective every day. She has been selling numerous mediums locally in Crested Butte for a decade through various shops, art festivals and was also a member of the Paragon Gallery, in downtown Crested Butte for 3 years.

Stephanie wood burns nature scenes and uplifting words onto wood picture frames, mirrors, etc, then finishes each piece with bright acrylic paints. Stephanie also hand makes greeting cards and small notebooks that are mountain scenes made with colorful layered paper. She hand cuts every shape, antiques the edges of every piece and then layers and glues the pieces together to create a colorful abstract mountain scene. Her handsome husband Jay came up with the name “Scenes and Dreams” for these artistic expressions.

Another splash of Stephanie’s work you will find in Crested Butte are “Sushma’s Dreamcatchers”. They are not traditional dream catchers with a spider web type weave. She uses driftwood, vintage findings, fabric, stones, beads, yarn, hemp, wire, but the most important item she uses to embellish her dream catchers is recycled sari silk, purchased fair trade from India. The sari silk symbolizes the life of a little girl named Sushma (her name means beautiful). Sushma was rescued from a brothel in the red light district of New Delhi, India when she was 4 years old. Every time a dream catcher is sold, a percentage goes to her. Sushma’s Dreamcatchers are a colorful burst of nature and shiny embellishments combined to be hung as trendy décor, but also as a reminder of precious life and how lucky we are to be safe and sound. There is so much love put into each one of these pieces of art.

Stephanie is most passionate about gratitude, the gift of mothering her three beautiful young children, choosing to love her husband every day and herself as well. She wakes up each morning knowing there is magic and wonder to be found in every single day if you open up yourself to right now, (even when your dog poops on the floor, the shit hits the fan and you’re trying to get three little kids out the door) Hopefully you might find this inspiration and feel the love in everything she creates.

Artist Reception Friday, January 12th 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Free