Wednesday through Saturdays June 26 - August 24th

1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Pieces are ready two days after painting. Prices range from $5 - $55. Pay only for what you paint.  


Drop in during open pottery painting hours all summer.  We fire the kiln each week on Wednesday evening, with pottery ready for pick up on Fridays.  So to have your pieces ready in just two days, paint on Wednesdays!  Otherwise, when you paint Thursday through Sunday pottery is ready for pick up the week after you paint on Friday.  If you will be leaving town before your pottery is ready, we have options to ship.  Pay only for what you paint, with pottery prices ranging from $5 - $55.  At 111 Elk Avenue.


Paint By Appointment

Can’t paint on our scheduled dates? Want to host a private painting party? Schedule a Painting Appointment for $50 per group for a two-hour session, plus the cost of pieces you paint. Contact the Visual Arts Program Manager Holly Rios at or 970-349-7487 to schedule.