Deeply explore environmental literature modern-day greats such as Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and Terry Tempest Williams to discover how they utilized the written word for such monumental tasks as passing the Wilderness Act; persuading policy in congress; and formulating an entire culture of protest. Wander through creative non-fiction, essay and fiction, teasing apart the narrative features of character and plot, while simultaneously dipping into the nuances of powerful persuasion and the seamless incorporation of research. Find your personal voice in expressing an influential and educated opinion to stir the emotions of your reader. Try on different perspectives while fostering skills of creative writing, critical thinking, and observation through this genre. Take a peek into how landscape appears in your writing, and make conscious decisions about the character it becomes and the emotional impact of that presence. Whether the environment is a sub-theme, the driving storyline, or a backdrop in your own work, you’ll never think of it as a mere “setting” again.

Instructor: Molly Murfee
When:  Thursday, February 7
Time:  5:30 – 8:30 p.m. 
Cost:  $40