Aerial Conditioning & Open Aerial Classes

"The [aerial] classes are amazing. The strength and flexibility gained in unbelievable. They are so much fun. You get to feel like a little kid on a jungle gym. The skill gained is incredible."
Meghan Haver

The Crested Butte Dance Collective and Crested Butte School of Dance hold ongoing aerial dance workshops from September 23 through November 4, 2016 so you can hone your skills at your own pace. Aerial classes take place at the Center for the Arts.

Climb, pull, flip upside-down, and hold yourself in challenging positions in the air while you develop amazing overall body strength. Work with lyra and aerial fabric as well as floor exercises and stretching. Aerial Conditioning focuses on balancing, strength, and flexibility. It’s a great way to build up confidence for instructed aerial dance class sessions! All levels and never-evers welcome. Open to ages 15 and up.

Fridays, 8:30-9:15 AM
$10 per class
Supervised aerial practice sessions with no instruction! Practice and perfect your existing skills with access to lyra and silks. Participants must have been enrolled in a full session of CB Dance Collective’s Aerial Dance classes during the last 12 months or receive prior approval from CBDC. Open to ages 15 and up.

Fridays, 9:15-10:00 AM
$5 per class